Monday, April 8, 2013

Three Fast Fixes

Bad News: "My wedding ring has lost its sparkle, as it is full of sunscreen, lotion & other miscellaneous gunk".
Fast Fix: Apply a small bit of toothpaste on a toothbrush and give your ring a good scrub. Rinse with warm water. (Avoid the bathroom sink and use a small bowl for this maneuver--you don't want to drop any jewels down the drain). 

Real Bummer: "My favorite dress is full of static and keeps sticking to my legs, hips, stomach, et al.".
Fast Fix: The best defense against static cling is to rub a generous amount of body lotion to any and all areas that will be covered by your skirt or dress. Go ahead, lather it on--no gal feels attractive if her dress looks shrink-wrapped to her backside.

Hot Mess Alert: "I applied my mascara, and somehow a glob has made it's way to my eyelid, cheek, nose, etc".
Fast Fix: Wait at least 30 "Mississippi's" before reaching for the tissue to wipe away the errant chunk of makeup. Resist the urge to wet your thumb and smear the dab of dark--this will only create a bruise-like splotch that will be impossible to fix. Instead, remain patient and wait for the mark to dry completely and dab at the unwanted spot with a dry tissue. The mark will disappear just like that. (Insert snap?) 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Good Jeans in Short Order

Confession: back in "the day" I  purchased, and wore to death a certain pair of bootleg jeans from a certain store called GapKids. No, not because I was 'too thin to find adult jeans' but rather, manufacturers didn't make jeans with shorter inseams until recently. In order to save you from an embarrassing trip to the kiddie shop or the tailor,  I have found 3 pairs of great jeans that are crisp, classic and perfect for us not-so-tall ladies.

This pair from J. Crew is marketed as a "cropped jean" but will fit the shorter gal exactly the way a nice slim denim should. These are tailored and skinny at the ankle,  which will complement a pointy heel or a flat sandal equally. Invest here.

The Stevie Ankle jeans by AG are not a steal, but what they lack in cost efficiency they make up for in softness. The ankle-length is ideal, and think of the money you'll save on alterations. Am I right? Find yours here.

Lastly, this pair from H&M is remarkably flattering and fits like a dream. Look for the Skinny Low Waist Ankle design. Preview these here. Did I mention these are $29.95? Buy two.