Sunday, December 4, 2011

Top Coat

It's time to beef up your fashion wishlist for Fall. It's time to buy a new coat. It's time for a coat with some color! (Not to be confused with a coat of many colors). A statement coat is a fresh way to get some compliMINTS and update a predictable cold-weather outfit. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200, Do not buy another black jacket.

This gorgeous retro-styled coat from Zara looks fantastic with leggings, tights or jeans. You can find one here for $159 . (If item is no longer available online, call up a store and order one tout de suite).

Look for something with a good shape--avoid anything that does not nip in at the waist. This beauty from J.Crew is flattering and will make you feel glamorous. Order one here.

If you have been particularly good this year, you deserve this cream dream coat from Nanette Lepore. Treat yourself to one here. The cut is timeless and will look good this Season and the next, and the next. See now, who says I don't worry about Investments?

Pair your new beautiful coat with your favorite autumnal outfits, no need to overthink it. You will be turning heads all season long!

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