Monday, June 6, 2011

Wedged In

The wedge is without a doubt the easiest heel to wear and luckily one of the most flattering. A wedge may be the one true go-anywhere-do-anything shoe. It is easy to see why they have been a fashion staple since the late 1930's--few shoe styles can say the same! Wear a wedge with a floral print dress, skinny jeans, or a pair of loose fitting black shorts and suddenly you look taller, leaner and more put together. What could be better?

This is not to say that all wedges are created equal--there are a few wedge traps that defeat the purpose of this breezy style. Avoid anything too clunky or too fussy. Politely decline anything with bondage-looking straps or harsh studs. The goal is to lengthen your leg without looking like you're wearing an orthopedic device. (You know you've seen that tawny cankle-inducing style before). I've found a few pairs that will look effortless and feel wonderful.

This pair from Stuart Weitzman is my ultimate favorite. It is comfortable, timeless, and the olive straps match beautifully with anything. These are worth every penny. One afternoon out in these and your compliMINT count will be through the roof.

A wedge with color is a great Summer option, the pair below from Nine West is fabulous in pink, yellow or navy. It's best to keep the actual wedge portion of the shoe fairly neutral. This shoe will have you dreaming of an iced latte and a shiny new pink pedicure.

A great alternative to the classic braided wedge is this pair which features a chic giraffe print and a cork bottom. An all-black outfit would be a real smash with these wedges.

A metallic wedge is a surprisingly crucial item for Summer dressing. Something with a bit of shine can easily be worn for an evening out and will still look appropriate at brunch. This pair is feminine and the gold finish is a bit weathered thus saving your ankles from looking cheap.

If you are in the market for a wedge without any ankle or heel straps this classic shape is easy to find and works well with jeans of all lengths or a maxi-dress.

Any of the above choices promises to elevate any Summer look. You deserve a new pair to wear this weekend. Enjoy!

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