Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tie Bow

Beaus=good, bows=even better. A well-placed bow can really girlify an otherwise bland outfit. As a firm believer in all things pretty, I suggest you try these items that will work well with your wardrobe and make you feel beautiful!

The pair of beauties shown above feel like butter on your feet and cost less than $100. Money well spent! I am rarely an advocate of a flat shoe, so you know this pair must be good. I double dog dare you to walk three blocks in these shoes without getting a compliMINT.

Bows never go out of style and a like a fabulous scent- a smidge can make a real impact. The clutch above by Betsey Johnson is pure fun and can be worn with more than you think. It has a vintage feel without looking dated. You do need this for your next night out.

For the casual bow enthusiast, the bracelets above are easy to wear and the colors are particularly good. Pair one with another plain gold bangle. FYI: this piece would make a perfect gift, you'd be guaranteed to have a genuinely thankful recipient. Better yet, buy one for yourself and wrap it up...with a bow of course.