Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Leather Report

Seasons, shmeasons--Summer is here and it's time to set your leather free! Why should clothes have weather related boundaries? Leather is not just for Fall or Winter. A cute lighter leather jacket can be worn year round. To make leather more summery, look for something feminine with shorter sleeves and a fitted silhouette. (Matching jackets does not in fact earn you extra style points but there you have it).

I've found a great leather-ish jacket that would look fantastic over a print dress, paired with shorts or jeans and a flowy tank. The ruffled collar is beautiful and the overall shape is just right. Honestly, you will not believe how expensive this looks on. Would I lie to you? The jacket runs smaller rather than bigger so don't be afraid to order a size up. This piece comes in cream, black and a delicious chocolate brown. I am a fan of all three colors and implore you to order one yesterday.

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  1. Are you two at RAWHIDE Western Park by chance? Great place... good food.