Monday, June 6, 2011

New to You

Vintage shopping is not easy. There are few challenges as great in self-styling as wearing something once owned and worn by someone else and making it somehow feel and look as if it has been yours all along. I adore vintage pieces and believe it is possible to add a few items to your closet that will garner some serious attention. What a perk to find a one-of-a-kind piece that your roommate/sister/daughter/co-worker can't replicate!

When buying antique wearables I think it is easiest to start small with jewelry. Beautiful clip-on earrings are a perfect way to add some style to a nighttime look. Aim for interesting shapes and colors. When searching for vintage costume jewelry it can be helpful to look for signed pieces. If a piece is "signed" the maker has stamped the item-the way Tiffany & Co marks their pieces today. Be on the lookout for anything by Hobe, Juliana, Sherman, D & E or Weiss, as these designers are particularly fabulous!

The above clip-on earrings are not signed and were found for less than $20 each. It is fairly safe to stick with gems from 1940's-1960's. If you find that the clips are uncomfortable don't worry-I have two solutions for you. You can attach some Dr. Scholl's moleskin around the back of the earring or a jeweler can remove the clip and replace it with a post for pierced ears. How is that for problem solving?

Here are a few sites that offer a drool-worthy selection of vintage jewels.

I have a sneaking suspicion you are going to feel so utterly spectacular in your vintage sparklies you will want to find a special pair for every occasion.

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