Thursday, June 9, 2011

Curl Power

It is nearly impossible to have a bad day when you're hair looks good. It's true. Bring on the parking ticket, the coffee line, the un-charged cell phone. It's all fine--your hair looks perfect and nothing can stop you.

Why not spend some extra time giving your strands some attention? Hair with a bit of wave and curl looks beautiful and appropriate on anyone. To achieve some real bounce and shape, a little time travel becomes necessary. I'm talking about hot rollers. What? You don't have any hot rollers? You haven't used hot rollers since your Middle School Sadie Hawkins dance? No worries, this set from Conair is easy to use and combined with a package of butterfly clips, you will be waving dull hair bye-bye. Literally.
Start with dry, un-flatironed hair. Part your hair however you intend to wear it after it has been curled. Let the rollers heat for about 10 minutes, then start with the bigger rollers for the top sections leaving the smaller rollers for the harder to curl hair (ie. anything close to your neck). You can choose to roll towards or away from your face-it's a personal preference and everyone's hair curls a bit differently. Sometimes a folded piece of toilet paper can be tucked under the finished roll if it feels too hot against your face/head. If your hair is resistant to curl (it's loss) lightly spritz the strand with hairspray before you roll it. Trust me, the piece will cease and desist.

Leave the rollers in for at least 30 minutes. Gently undo the clips and s-l-o-w-l-y roll out each piece. Don't rush or you will end up with a wonky frizzed up mess--not our goal. I would not recommend using a brush to loosen the curls but rather shaking out the waves with your hands. You can get really into it if you feel like it, maybe even a toss or two. Do your best to separate the individual curls so you don't look too "done". The truth is, using hot rollers is a fairly fool-proof way to add some curl to your locks. Finish with a really good hairspray, like this one from Kenra. Okay, off you go. Your day is going to be a particularly good one.

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