Friday, August 6, 2010

Please pass the 'Mints

Giving a compliment is almost as good as receiving one. It is important to stop and give someone a shout out if you spot them wearing a cute dress or a great pair of shoes. An honest compliment only takes a minute and can make someone's afternoon.

When giving a compliment it's best to keep it short, sweet and specific. If you love the red shoes the girl has on in line at the bank, say so. Anyway, sending yourself good compliMINT karma is never a bad thing.

In the spirit of all things good and stylish (karma-wise) I present this fabulous gift that will earn any special gal a wealth of compliMINTS. Trust me, someone would love to get this fun and beautiful bracelet from y-o-u.

Surely you know of someone with a birthday coming up, or maybe you feel like being proactive about your holiday list? Either way, this 22-karat gold charmer by Kenneth Jay Lane is sure to warrant your recipient some notice and earn you a lovely and heartfelt Thank-You note at the very least.

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