Monday, July 19, 2010

Wedding Week

While I believe that any time of year is a wonderful time for a wedding, it just so happens that we are in the midst of "Wedding Season". You have an invite or two affixed your fridge no doubt, and I am here to help you win best dressed guest at the event. Okay, second best dressed because the bride is always best dressed. (Well almost always).

Often times the invite itself can give you some attire hints. Obviously a beach theme calls for something a bit lighter and more casual, while a glitzy hotel-affair will require a bit more flash. I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as being overdressed, so my best piece of advice is to wear your best stuff. You know what I mean. If you have a sparkly pair of sandals and it's an afternoon ceremony--wear them anyway! It will always serve you well to be the most fabulously dressed person at a party. If I were in charge of writing fortune cookies, I would print that in each and every one.

Now that our prom-years are well behind us, weddings represent one of the few opportunities to fancy ourselves up and wear a beautiful dress and accessories. Take advantage! The look below is fresh, lovely and flattering. A dressy event is the perfect time to ditch the black and try a color like this sunny yellow. (I am a fan of a great black dress myself but most wedding guests wear black so why not stand out a bit?) Don't be afraid to wear something bright and fun. The only color I would try to avoid, other than white would be a cherry red. Truthfully, red can be very tricky even in a large setting. The dress below is by Max & Cleo and can be found here.

A statement necklace would pair beautifully with this romantic dress. The beads are not metallic and would give a bit of grounded-ness to this airy frock.

Almost any strappy gold pair of heels will complement this dress. Keep the lines thin, nothing too chunky as this look is soft and ultra-feminine. How about these budget friendly beauties?

Keep the earrings small and simple, a tiny gold hoop or just diamond-esque studs. I would wear my hair down and loose with this dress, maybe a few go-rounds with a curling iron? Feel free to add a small gold bag or clutch. You will look like a dream in this outfit. The only accessory missing from this look is a sparkling glass of prosecco to toast the outfit and the happy couple. Cheers!


  1. yay, i have those shoes! :)

  2. Read your article, Guide for Guests, what to wear and this article as well. Loved your suggestions. Do have a question on what the standard norm for a formal morning wedding. My niece is getting married next May at mid morning and is looking for advice on protocols for what to wear, they want it to be formal. The groom intends to wear a tuxedo as with the male sponsors and gown for the female sponsors(catholic wedding). Do the guest need to be need to be tux and gowns as well or suits and cocktail dresses are sufficient? Appreciate if you could elaborate on your response

  3. Hello Dogielle,
    Congratulations to your niece--May is a wonderful time to be a bride! Now, as far as your dress delimna: you are correct a mid-morning affair can be quite tricky. While I applaud the bridal party for wearing formal attire (always) it is NOT necessary for guests to don tuxedos and formal gowns for a daytime wedding.
    Any event that occurs in broad daylight does not necessarily lend itself to guests in black ties, etc. However, a wedding is a special event regardless of the time of day, guests should take the opportunity to look fabulous!
    I suggest a suit/tie for gentlemen and a feminine and spring-like dress for ladies. Think shorter to mid-length. In most stores dresses are split into 2 categories: day or evening, requiring you to find something in between a cotton linen dress and a sequined evening gown. A morning affair is a great time to try some color and leave your little black dress at home. A beautiful floral dress and a colored wrap would look perfect! To achieve a dressy daytime look you might also try something with a bit of lace or even metallic detail or beading if it is muted and simple. (No heavy brocade or glitter here).
    I have pasted a few links to some dresses that would be elegant and gorgeous. Have a wonderful time!;jsessionid=UUEBXG3LYSOXGCQAAKNRPVQ?itemId=prod52450097&ecid=BGALRJ84DHJLQkR4&ci_src=14110925&ci_sku=T2GQK

  4. I just went through your blog. Very informative post as you have shared nice suggestions that what to wear in weddings. I usually carry party gowns and a clutch in the wedding celebrations. They give a perfect elegant look.