Friday, December 2, 2011

Hoop! (There It Is)

You can't help but feel a bit of a sass in your step when you're wearing a hoop. It's true. Cleopatra and J.Lo wouldn't steer you wrong in the style department, would they? I thought not. Here are a few special options vying for your attention:

The pair below by Dana Kellin can be found here for those of us who deserve a special treat.

The silver tone of the hoops below looks perfectly elegant and would be fabulous in photos. One great profile shot for your social media site and poof!--they've paid for themselves. These beauties are by Adriana Orsina, buy a pair here.

The beautiful pair of hoops below are a steal and can be found at Arden B. for less than $25. (In the business, this is called, a no-brainer). Grab yourself a pair here.

Too big of a hoop can leave you looking (and feeling) a bit costumey. Think fresh and with it, not the Chiquita Banana Lady. In a pair of good hoops you are the epitome of Cool--people will assume that the music blasting in your car has a good beat and is ridiculously current. If you're unsure about how big of a hoop to wear, make an 'O' shape with your thumb and middle finger. This circumference should represent the largest hoop that you can get away with. In most cases, its better to go thinner rather than anything too big or chunky. Do not be afraid of a hoop looking "too young". Plenty of mature and stylish ladies are wearing hoops. A nice shiny earring with a bit of detail can brighten your face and make a shorter haircut look fantastic. Go ahead, hoop it up.

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