Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HeadBand Wagon

Here's the skinny regarding headbands: they look good on e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. Short hair, long hair, bangs, thin hair, curly hair, it matters not! Headbands are a loyal accessory that will be true to you and won't leave you hangin'. (Unless they create that pinching ache behind your ears, at which point you are on your own).

I've got a few tricks for two different headband-centric looks that will earn you some attention.

First: I suggest finding a really comfortable black or solid-colored headband that is medium-sized in width. Price doesn't matter here-if you find one that is $6 and it feels good, buy two! You want a bit of volume behind the headband-to do this you can either try a bit of backcombing for the experienced teaser OR flip your head over and hairspray your hair near the crown/hairline. Stay upside down for a minute and then flip back over and very lightly comb down anything that looks overtly messy. Now place headband where it feels and looks great. Poof!

Look No. 2 favors a more dressy headpiece. A jeweled or metallic headband is a surprising and fun go-to item for an evening outfit. Brides, are you listening? I am not suggesting anything vulgar or over the top. Something thin and shiny with a bit of sparkle is just enough. No tiaras here folks. Wear this for evening or even with a teased ponytail. Use a flat paddle brush and tease a bit of the underside of your ponytail to give it a bit of oomph. Just try it. Hint-this technique works especially well with dirty hair as previously discussed in the Powder Room installation.

P.S. Both headbands shown can be found at Nordstroms. L. Erickson makes the most beautiful and comfortable bands.


  1. ok i love headbands, but they always pinch behind my ears & hurt! maybe i have a big head?! haha

  2. Nice to see photos of you! :-)