Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shoe FLY Shoe

Have I got a treat for you...a stylish and comfortable pair of sandals that will make heads turn. This shoe is a slam dunkI bet you'll get a complimint on your first outing. I did. These are STUNNING with a dress or skirt and perfect with jeans or even black cigarette pants and a white baggy t-shirt.

These can be worn for day, evening and everything else in between. If you are packing for a trip, bring these heels. I know what you are thinking, and yes, these are tall shoes (luckily) but nothing you can't manage. You are going to adore the detail and color of these. I promise they don't rub your feet in any weird spots so you are free to move about the country as they say. You can score a pair of your very own here. This fabulous pair of sandals is even on sale, who loves you?



  2. how ADORABLE are these? delicate in the strappiness, but the brown and suede means great for jeans. I'd say a great "date" shoe. loving your blog, heather!

  3. These are cute but my feet hurt just looking at them (Sorry). I will pass this one to someone who doesn't think orthodics are in her future ;-)