Friday, March 26, 2010

Pucker Up Buttercup

I don't know about you, but every time I watch an episode of Mad Men (which is often) I always wonder, Why don't I wear lipstick more often? Is it a generational thing? Is lip gloss a suitable replacement? Will it end up as tooth lacquer?

My very first lipstick was a regrettable rusty-matte color by Revlon called Toast of New York. I opted to debut this shade for my 8th grade class photo. (Paired with thick and pale foundation, I looked anything but toast-worthy. Not a trend I'd care to resuscitate). Often the troubles that seem to accompany lipsticks can seem to outweigh the benefits, but I've found a few brands and colors that you could toss into rotation, after watching Mad Men or otherwise.

Cover Girl Parisian Pink No.545, Revlon Sassy Mauve Creme No. 463, LipFusion Plumping Pencil in Pretty.
Plums: Benefit Silk Lip Pencil in Sangria, Nars Afghan Red (it's very plum)
Reds: Note, these are t-r-i-c-k-y. I have found that layering a few of the aforementioned plum choices with reds create the prettiest and most glamorous lip: Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupt in Red Muse, Revlon Love that Red.

Before applying lipstick I sometimes brush my lips gently with a wet toothbrush. Do this quickly as the mere sight of this behavior can lead to embarrassing conversation. Use a small bit of chapstick to prep and bonus points for applying a small dab of foundation to create an even lip canvas. Smooch!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Someday My Prints Will Come

Prints are a tricky thing. There are fashion designers who have built an entire career based on their ability to master the art of the perfect print. (Think Diane Von Furstenberg or Anna Sui). For us mortals, finding a good print that avoids any couch-like comparisons is a bit harder.

Every Spring stores and glossies always push the floral print, which I happen to love year round. If you are in the market for a bit of print yourself, I have found a few really pretty and striking options for you. Yes, the same rules still apply here: minimize the rest of your look unless you are a true accessories afficianado. (My sister knows how to choose jewelry for even the busiest of print dresses. You go with your bad self!) I, on the other hand, tend to play it a bit safe and let the print do the talkin'. How about these three fetching options?

You'd look great in this easy to wear kimono style print dress by Nicole Miller. Find it here.

This top is a no-brainer. The satin belt is ultra-flattering and will look great with black leggings or tailored jeans. Go ahead. Order one.

For a very "now" Spring print recipe: try this Xhilaration for Target skirt with a tank and longer black blazer or, pair with an old jean jacket with a long necklace. No one will guess it was under $17.00! Look at you.

A well-chosen and beautiful print will give your entire outfit (and day) some pop. Get busy!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Powder Room

Let me set the scene: it's Sunday morning, you are late for brunch and have mere moments to put together your "casual on purpose" a.m. outfit . Your extra few minutes in bed have left you without time to wash your hair, so you forego the shampoo and find a headband. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but your hair still looks a bit dirty. Don't worry I have the answer. We both know your hair looked really pretty last night. Why not give it another spin around the block? Let's not waste a good blow dry. It's time for dry shampoo! Hair powder can revive some dirty do's. It's easy to apply, smells good, and gives you great volume. I know what you're thinking, and yes, they did use hair powder in Mozart's time. Don't say I never brought any historical references to the table.

I stick to two main hair powder products. Option No. 1: Pronto by Oscar Blandi. You can find this 2.5 oz bottle at Sephora for $19. The pointed tip makes it easy to get the magic dust nearest to your scalp, which is the goal. This shampoo is white and you won't need as much as you think, so start slow. Spread the dry shampoo near your hairline and work backwards. You can use a brush or your fingers to rustle up the powder to blend further into your hair. Be patient. I wouldn't let you look like you spilt flour on your head. Bonus points for flipping your head over and applying a bit to the under side of your hair.

Option No. 2 is by Bumble and Bumble. This product is the Rolls Royce of hair powders and will run about $30 for 4.4 oz can. You can choose from five different shades depending on your hair color. They even make a little something for redheads! I have very light hair and use the White powder. To apply: lift small bits of your hair straight up and spray as close to the roots as you can. Use the finger rustle method to even out the goods. There has been talk that the B&B product is not suited for colored hair. Hmmm. I have been using it forever and without incident.

Fine, its true there is a third option. If you really want to know; I have used baby powder or even corn starch as a cheap substitute in a seriously desperado situiation. Johnson & Johnson powder is a little over $1 and will certainly get you to your coffee date without too much trouble. Let me know which option you like best. See you and your fresh looking locks at breakfast!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shoe FLY Shoe

Have I got a treat for you...a stylish and comfortable pair of sandals that will make heads turn. This shoe is a slam dunkI bet you'll get a complimint on your first outing. I did. These are STUNNING with a dress or skirt and perfect with jeans or even black cigarette pants and a white baggy t-shirt.

These can be worn for day, evening and everything else in between. If you are packing for a trip, bring these heels. I know what you are thinking, and yes, these are tall shoes (luckily) but nothing you can't manage. You are going to adore the detail and color of these. I promise they don't rub your feet in any weird spots so you are free to move about the country as they say. You can score a pair of your very own here. This fabulous pair of sandals is even on sale, who loves you?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You're Invited

Who: You
What: Mossimo dress for Target-$24.99

Wear: To work, to lunch, on a date, out and about
When: Immediately

R.S.V.P. to Heather

*If you do nothing else today, make a quick stop at your local Target or purchase online. This ruffle braid dress is practically free, and every girl knows a good compliMINT is priceless. Trust me-someone will want to know where you got this. Whether or not you share the info is up to you. This dress should be worn bigger rather than smaller. For bonus points add a thick-ish brown belt and gold jewelry. You are going to look fantastic in this color!