Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ring! Ring!

I am willing to wager that you have a ring or two that you have not worn in quite a while. Why? Why? Why? Rings are my favorite items in the jewelry world because the wearer gets to enjoy them! Earrings are fantastic don't get me wrong but once they're on, you don't get to see or enjoy them. Rings are right there-when you're typing, making a sandwich or, handing over your debit card. People always notice rings and I have a few that I love to wear when my fingers are in need of some attention. (One at a time of course).

Tomorrow when you are getting ready, make a pit stop and dig into your jewelry box. Wear a chunky cocktail ring during the day, wear an antique one you've received as a gift, even a $4 ring from your spring break trip to Mexico can be just perfect. If appropriate, stack several and wear two! Send me a photo of your beautiful and newly accessorized hand!

If you find yourself in the market for a fabulous ring I have found a few that would be perfect as a little belated Valentine's gift to yourself. You know I'd do the same.

(From left to right, Ann Taylor-$48.00, Kate Spade Bow Ring at Nordstroms-$65.00, ABS by Allen Schwartz at Bloomingdales-$85.00, Guess Sun Ring-$35.00).


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