Friday, February 19, 2010

Faux Show-Part II

Let's talk leather, shall we? Faking leather is a tall order but fear not-- I have found a trustworthy piece that will not disappoint!

I am the proud owner of this leather-ish jacket and I absolutely love it. Buy yourself one here. If you can't order it in black--you must, must, must go in person and locate by bar code on the tag 62570815. You are looking for the black leather crinkle jacket. Yes I said leather, no quote marks are needed when a faux jacket is this cute.

It runs a bit small so order up if unsure. (You have my permission to go to the juniors store ingognito if you want to).

Pair this fabulous find with a loose dress and some tights, any tank top in your closet, or a printed t-shirt and voilá-you are put together and looking cool. Leather lends itself to sexiness and frankly, so does leatherette when done correctly. For $39.80 you can use the money you've saved and take your saucy jacket and your saucy self out for a fancy cocktail.

* Extra points awarded to the ladies who get their sleeves shortened to about 5/8 length, most tailors charge around $14 for a sleeve hem.

Final fake it installment coming tomorrow!


  1. Done and done.
    Thanks for the tip!!

  2. You are so right about the Oscar dry shampoo. I will never be without it now - thanks for the extra day of style!