Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ring! Ring!

I am willing to wager that you have a ring or two that you have not worn in quite a while. Why? Why? Why? Rings are my favorite items in the jewelry world because the wearer gets to enjoy them! Earrings are fantastic don't get me wrong but once they're on, you don't get to see or enjoy them. Rings are right there-when you're typing, making a sandwich or, handing over your debit card. People always notice rings and I have a few that I love to wear when my fingers are in need of some attention. (One at a time of course).

Tomorrow when you are getting ready, make a pit stop and dig into your jewelry box. Wear a chunky cocktail ring during the day, wear an antique one you've received as a gift, even a $4 ring from your spring break trip to Mexico can be just perfect. If appropriate, stack several and wear two! Send me a photo of your beautiful and newly accessorized hand!

If you find yourself in the market for a fabulous ring I have found a few that would be perfect as a little belated Valentine's gift to yourself. You know I'd do the same.

(From left to right, Ann Taylor-$48.00, Kate Spade Bow Ring at Nordstroms-$65.00, ABS by Allen Schwartz at Bloomingdales-$85.00, Guess Sun Ring-$35.00).

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Faux Show-Finale

Lashes are the new stiletto. Everyone is offering lash enhancing mascaras, extensions, and serums. Don't bother! Fake lashes are easy to find, relatively inexpensive and can be used however and whenever the mood strikes you. They are the final touch to a perfect ensemble and look fantastic in photographs. You might even be inspired to become one of those gals that winks for fun. With pretty lashes, you can do things like that.

I will tell you up front, these are not always easy to put on. I mean, no barista can make a perfect latte the first time. So don't be too hard on yourself. Lashes look best when applied as last step in your makeup routine, so mascara up ladies.

If you are looking for an everyday "can wear to work or in bright daylight-looking" lashes it is best to stick with the small flare individual lashes. Try some here. Use a small dab of eyelash glue on each flare. Place a few per lid starting with the outer corner. (About 4 of these per lashline is just right). Be patient for about 30 seconds per lash to allow the glue to dry. You can sing half a chorus of I'm Every Woman, and you'll be all set. Don't try to add mascara after this point--several reputable magazines suggest this, but I am your friend and will tell you it's a mistake.

If you are in search of a full-lash-laden look, these are my favorites. Start with the Demi Wispies by Ardell. If you are an eyelash extraordinaire-go for the Wispies. To start: use a small pair of scissors to snip just a tad from each lash strip (on the inner corner). Run a teeny tiny bit of glue along the strip and wave the strip back/forth a few times before placing on your lid. I usually start from the outer corner and line up the entire lash as close to where your own lashes meet your eyelid. It may take a few attempts to place the lash juuuust right, but you'll get it. Use a q-tip to dab any excess glue. If you want to carefully add any extra eyeliner or shadow near the lash line, I give you full permission.

To remove your lashes, tilt your face near the faucet and run some warm water over your lids. The glue will loosen and you will be able to peel the strip of lashes off. (Start with outer and do this very slowly).

I am excited for you to try these--you are going to love them. Please do report back!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Faux Show-Part II

Let's talk leather, shall we? Faking leather is a tall order but fear not-- I have found a trustworthy piece that will not disappoint!

I am the proud owner of this leather-ish jacket and I absolutely love it. Buy yourself one here. If you can't order it in black--you must, must, must go in person and locate by bar code on the tag 62570815. You are looking for the black leather crinkle jacket. Yes I said leather, no quote marks are needed when a faux jacket is this cute.

It runs a bit small so order up if unsure. (You have my permission to go to the juniors store ingognito if you want to).

Pair this fabulous find with a loose dress and some tights, any tank top in your closet, or a printed t-shirt and voilá-you are put together and looking cool. Leather lends itself to sexiness and frankly, so does leatherette when done correctly. For $39.80 you can use the money you've saved and take your saucy jacket and your saucy self out for a fancy cocktail.

* Extra points awarded to the ladies who get their sleeves shortened to about 5/8 length, most tailors charge around $14 for a sleeve hem.

Final fake it installment coming tomorrow!