Thursday, January 28, 2010

Faux Show-Part I

We have all shopped for fake items. It's true. Don't lie. Some fakes have been good to us: a small leather-like change purse a friend picked up on Canal Street. Some have treated us most ill: the tanning lotion that left us looking like a chimney sweep.

"A fake is a work of art that is deliberately made or altered to appear better, older, or other than what it is." What's so wrong with that? Sure, the older part is less appealing in most cases but the gist is a positive one. There is no good reason not to try a few products and pieces that I swear will add a little something-something that will make you feel ultra-fantastic, without feeling like a sham.

For the best at-home tan buy these three. Don't look back. I am naturally a blonde with a pale complexion to match. I've tried every faux sun-kissed product and these are the ones to use.

For body buy L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Gelee in Medium-Dark. (not lotion). For face and neck: use Neutrogena MicroMist spray No. 3. Spray generously. Don't forget to order some powder-less latex gloves. Every good surgeon needs proper equipment! After you've removed your gloves use any leftover gelee on the backs of your hands moving toward your fingertips.

Stay tuned for a sneak peak at the ultimate guide to faux leather and lashes.

With my CompliMINTS

Tell me: what feels better than a stranger stopping you in line before placing your coffee order to tell you how much she "looooooves your shoes" and "WHERE did you get them"?
I say:
Not much. Not much can make you feel so great so fast than an honest-to-goodness compliment coming from someone who has noticed you. Compliments are magic. They can improve a dull afternoon, reinforce your decision for the shorter haircut, or dissuade you from throwing out that pair of suede boots from Target two seasons ago. (Hey now, they were from the Isaac Mizrahi section). Compliments are almost as good as money. Almost.

Sure, I get a rush from some well-earned flattery. Who doesnt? I've got certain outfits or hair-dos that are sure fire compliment-getters: a 3/4 sleeve tan leather blazer, 5 inch cork Miu Miu sandals, a good black headband with some sideswept bangs--but my most prized compliments are ones my sister or friends get when wearing something I've picked out or urged them to buy. Truth be told, I used to pay my sister to wear specific looks and outfits when she was in elementary school. With a business model like that, it is clear why my career as a Personal Shopper has not "taken off". Years later nothing brings me more joy than giving a style hint or suggesting a purchase that will earn someone some positive attention, thus making them feel (and obviously look) fantastic.

In an effort to earn you some compliMINTS of your own; I promise to share some stylish items, tips, ideas that will leave others no choice but to step out of line and take notice. Go ahead, take a look-make a purchase, try something new. You won't regret it. Report back. xoxo